Seder Decor

Pesach main setup

As I put the last finishing touches on this Seder table and sit down to try to write this text, it is exactly one week before Purim.

I’m shmoozing with my 98 year old grandmother as I work.

She asks me, "So Esther, are you all ready for Purim?"

My response: "I’m not ready for Purim yet, but my table is already set for the Seder!"

After I share all the details, down to the grape juice poured in the new and funky wine decanters/vases and the sleek and freshly pressed matching Seder pillowcases, I muse,“Oma wouldn’t it be nice if we would be up to the Seder tonight?”

I mean the table is too pretty to just undo as soon as the photographer pulls out of the driveway!

 I think of all that has to happen between now and the first night of Pesach- the endless hours of planning, cleaning, shopping, cooking and baking.

And then I think again. Do I really want to give up the next five weeks leading up the Seder? I’m really not so certain... there’s just something about that satisfaction of pulling it all together and then coming to the Seder to rejoice together with the family.

The Seder in a way is the culmination of the flurry of activity of the weeks leading up to it.  And so now (that I’ve convinced myself!)  I’m psyched to finish packaging my mishloach manos and roll right into the Pesach prep!!

 Whenever I have the opportunity to visit the NY Now gift show in NYC, I make sure to stop at Godinger Silver. You'll  find anything from   modern and up-to-date and classical timeless tabletops  which are sure to add a very special touch to any table setup. The dishes, silverware and cool vases/wine decanters are all some of the many items I chose to use for this table set.





 napkin ring

Napkin rings

 While shopping in Michaels the other day, I noticed these adorable lapel pins. It occurred to me that they can be used to make a pretty napkin ring. The sophisticated result  will surely enhance your Seder without much time and effort.

You will need:

  • Lapel Pin Vase by David Tutera, available in gold or silver (available at Michaels  and Amazon)
  • 16'' Gauge Wire
  • Strong glue (ex.E6000)
  • Artificial Flowers


Wrap the wire around a round item to create the napkin ring. (I used a small votive glass.)

Fill vase with flowers, glue in place

Open up the pin  and glue wire in place. Close the pin and allow to dry completely. Pay attention to the position, so that it can dry properly. Reinforce by squeezing some extra glue on top of the dry glue.


Individual Kapos and Charoses

cake stands


Individual karpas/charoses servings are especially convenient for those hosting a large Seder. It makes passing everything nice and convenient.

You will need:



 Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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