Bright, Light and Summery

Bright Light and Summary

I love flowers, so I always look forward to creating the Shvuos tablescape.

When I visited Tali's new Global Flower Shop in Lakewood, I was taken by it's spacious, bright, and  airy garden-like decor. I knew then that I wanted to share that experience with you by setting up this table in the shop  in honor of Shvuos.

Shavous Table

I chose a white eyelet and a lavender velvet fabric at Stitch N Sew, which they sewed into a tablecloth and a liner for me. I love the versatility of this choice.

You can use the velvet alone  and  I can always switch to a different color liner  for another occasion. Since the velvet was wider than the eyelet, I had them cut and sew the remaining fabric that they cut off from the width into napkins.

Shavous Table

I knew I wanted to use a floral plate for this table. At first, I tried finding one at Home goods, but when I couldn't find one that I liked, I rethought my plan and decided that even if I had found what I was looking for, the rest of you may not be able to find it! With that in mind I got these gorgeous white plates by Godinger and created a floral download, which I copied on transparency paper and simply placed on top of the  plate.

Choose from 3 different free downloads on

I wrapped gold washi tape  around flower napkin rings  to change them up a bit.

Shavous Table


  • Flowers and vases from Global Flowers-

Global Flowers Howell-6520 US Highway 9

Global Flowers Airmont- 249 Route 59

Global Flowers Lakewood-1797 Ave of the States

  •  White/lucite chairs and lucite columns from Seats Rentals


  • Tablecloth and napkins –Stitch n Sew
  • Dishes and Cutlery by Godinger- available at your local tabletop and  gift shop
  • Stemware by Classic Touch- available at your local tabletop and  gift shop


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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