Soup It Up Mishloach Manos

 Soup it up

Send your warm Simchas Purim wishes with this Soup-er Mishloach Manos this Purim.

This homemade Mishloach Manos has a very smart look with it's  cozy rustic packaging, tied together with a wooly piece of yarn. Your recipients might just decide to take a break from the hussle bussle of the day and sit down to eat a wholesome bowl of soup.


You will need:

 soup in different flavors

8-ounce soup containers with lids (suitable for freezer and microwave)

 mason jar carriers (the ones pictured here are available on Etsy from Just Wow Creations.) You can use any bag or box.

 Blooms melba toast (these come 2 crackers per pack and fit right behind the soup)

freezer friendly labels




  1. Apply labels to containers.
  2. Fill containers with soup and carefully stack inside the carrier.
  3. Tie very tightly in place with the yarn.
  4. Stick the melba toast behind the soup.
  5. Add label to the bottom of the box.

 Soup it up



Photography by Perretti Photography

Label by OMGdesign by Leah -

This article originally appeared in Family First

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