Coffee Theme Birthday Party

Coffee Shoppe

Photography by Hudi Greenberger

I recently set up this adorable coffee themed party for a coffee lover.

By using The EstherO Acrylic Cupcake Wall Display flanked on each side by the EstherO Acrylic Hanging Display Centerpiece .

I combined the whimsical touch of hanging donuts  with orderly rows of freshly baked goods displayed on the shelves. 

I find that the eye needs a setup that contains order with a pop of excitement, which is what I achieved by this combo.  What do you think?

To order custom decals, please email me -

For the cake, use your favorite cake and frosting and decorate with mini ceramic coffee cups and creamer pitcher, chocolate coffee beans, cookies crumbs and sugar cubes.


 Gibson Espresso Expressions Dish Set Porcelain Creamer English Ivy Topiary Glass Carafe Black Cutlery
Beverage Napkins Plastic Cups Black Tablecloth Edge Plates Cake Stands


Here is the link to the  backdrop I hung on the wall behind the table.



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