Mini-Bouquet Seating Cards

 Mini Bouquet Seating Cards

These adorable and super-easy to make, mini-bouquets are the perfect seating cards for your Shavuos table.

Color-coordinate them to match your décor. You can make a matching bunch for each setting or you can do an assortment of different color bunches, as shown. 

You will need:

  •  6” square paper- you can use any kind of paper, wrapping paper…

(I used butcher paper, I  did not have any available-I cut up brown lunch bags!)

  • Twine
  • Mini flowers (artificial or fresh-use a water tube for fresh)


  1. Using the twine, wrap flowers in paper.
  2. Add mini tags.

 Mini Flower Bouquet seating cards

Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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