Salad Menorah

 Salad menorah  

Yay!!! Chanukah is just around the corner!!!

This year, we decided to start off our Chanukah posts with a healthy, nutritious and colorful edible menorah.

With lots of fried foods around over Chanukah, this healthy Menorah Salad Bar will surely be welcomed and appreciated by all.

A few weeks ago, I was at a party with a beautifully set salad bar.  What was so amazing to me was watching all the little children take a bowl of lettuce, top it with their favorite toppings and actually eat it!

Making veggies appealing is a great way to encourage healthy eating.

You will need:


Place all salad toppings in mini dishes and arrange in Menorah shape on.

You will need a large area to arrange this Salad Menorah.


Photos by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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