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Welcome Spring!

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to vases. I guess it might have to do with my flower obsession!!

You can check out my vase idea list here to see some of my favorites.

These adorable bubble vases featured here are so cool! (The opening is small so you wont need a lot of flowers to fill them.)

If you dont have a lot of room to store different types of vases, you're best off with buying a few different sizes of plain glass vases

From funky to rustic to elegant, there are so many different style vases to match your decor. I love this vase for a rustic table decor.

You can repurpose flowers from a large vase when some of the flowers start to go. Simply pull out the good flowers and put them into smallers vases. This vase is also great for those small little buds that are still looking fresh.


A pretty vase filled with dry or faux flowers can make a real statement when placed on a console in an entranceway.

Did you know that you can buy fresh flowers on Amazon too?

These orchids, hydrangeas, roses, tulips look really nice!

I hope you enjoyed this  post and it helped your creativity bloom!!


Photography by Sina Mizrahi

This article originally appeared in Family First

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