Sourdough Mishloach Manos

 bread winner

Challah has always been a very popular item to give for Mishloach Manos. It can be enjoyed at the Purim Seuda or can be stored in the freezer for a Shabbos Seuda. 

Lately, more and more people are getting into baking sourdough and giving it as part of their  Mishloach Manos.

When my high school neighbor Sarah N. sent this sourdough Mishloach Manos last year, I knew it was a real "bread winner! It was pretty and and absolutely delicious while being wrapped to perfection!

Thank you Sarah for sharing this great winner of a Mishloach Manos!

This idea (withouth the shrink-wrap) would also be so nice for your Purim seuda, a Sheva Brachos....

The Challah Ring Box and The Modern Challah Getup are nice options for a challah Mishloach Manos.

You will need:

9.4x3.5-inch wooden mini cutting board 

leather cording

 2 square clear Miniware containers (You can also use these.)

 sourdough roll (or any other type of challah roll), approximately 3 inches in diameter

 dips of your choice

 shrink wrap

 label


  1. Fill containers with dips.
  2. Place sourdough roll and containers on the board and shrink wrap. (See shrink-wrap directions below.)
  1. Tie on label with the leather cording.

A Note on Shrink Wrapping

I used shrink wrap on a roll, purchased at Center of Town in Lakewood.(This shrink wrap looks similar to me. If you decide to experiment, I would so appreciate if you let me know if it worked.)


  1. Measure the shrink wrap by placing the shrink wrap over the board, add a few inches on each side (so you can tape it underneath) and cut. The roll is doubled, I prefer to use one layer so it is not bulky, so I cut it apart by the fold. This will give you enough shrink-wrap for two packages.
  2. Place the shrink wrap over the board and tape it down from underneath.
  3. Using a blow dryer, carefully shrink the plastic until it’s tight. Be careful not to keep the heat in one area for too long, since that will melt the plastic and form holes.

bread winner

Photography by Perretti Photography

This article originally appeared in Family First

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