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Passover Seder Pillowcases

Add some "Seder" to your Seder!

It's that uniquely special night of the year, the Seder table adorned with a pristine white table cloth, the freshly polished silver glistening, everyone standing around in their new Yom Tov  finery – and then, there’s the assorted gathering of pillow cases that always seem to look out of place. From the boys room  the blue denim, from the girls room the pink floral, from the guestroom the brown get the idea!
Seder Table Before Matching Pillowcases Seder Table After Matching Pillowcases

So as I made my first Passover, I decided I would shop around and find matching white pillowcases to give my Seder a uniformed look. After running around to a number of stores (Marshalls, Target, T.J. Max etc, etc) I realized that there were really no white SHAMS available on the market. Thus began my idea to manufacture a uniformed, easy to care for (machine washable) , elegant Seder pillowcase .
Passover Seder Pillowcases


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