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Esrog Challah


There's nothing like spending some quality time in the kitchen with your children.

In 2019 we featured the Challah Apples in Family Table for Rosh Hashanah. The idea went viral and these adorable Challah Apples became a Rosh Hashanah staple in many Jewish homes.

As a result, in 2020 we featured these Esrog Challahs in honor of Sukkos. They too became extremely popular.

Esrog Challah

Embroidery Hoop Sukkot Decor-3 Ways

mishpacha embroidery hoops
Lately I’ve been seeing embroidery hoops galore, popping up just about everywhere as colorful and inspired decor. From mobiles to wreaths to colorful ceiling decor, the ideas are seemingly countless and most of them are inexpensive and  easy to make. With Sukkot just around the corner, though we’re limited in time, we all want to add something special to decorate our Sukkah. With embroidery hoops, you can easily transform something so basic and simple into works of art that are sure to  adorn your Sukkah.
Embroidery Hoop Sukkot Decor-3 Ways


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