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Chewy Ice Cream Cones

chewy ice cream cone

Summer is a great time for creative edible crafts. Edible crafts is a great way to get children involved in the cooking and baking process.

This no-bake Chewy Ice Cream Cones edible craft is a really fun and yummy project to do with your own children, campers, friends etc.

No-one ever gets bored of Rice Krispies Treats (at least nobody I know!).

These  Chewy Ice Cream Cones will be an instant summer favorite for children of all ages.

Chewy Ice Cream Cones

Coffee Toffee Icecream

This delicious, no-bake Coffee Toffee Ice cream is easy and impressive. 

The three layers of goodness will have everyone at your table asking for doubles!

Coffee Toffee Icecream


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