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Shulchan Aruch

Shulchan Aruch Ready

In my parents house, we don’t put out any of the dinner dishes or cutlery  on the table till shulchan aruch. To keeps things rolling along, my mother always prepares a tray with everything ready to go. *When I can, I try to follow in her footsteps

Shulchan Aruch Tags

A Set Seder-featured in this weeks Family Table Magazine

Pesach Table

I set out to set a Pesach table that is approachable, repeatable, products easy to find ,classy with a touch of modern.

 I hope that I have accomplished that and that everyone who is looking to enhance their Yom Tov table this year can take something out of this tablescape. 

A Set Seder-featured in this weeks Family Table Magazine

Royal Tradition Pesach Seder

Royal Tradition

The Pesach Seder is a celebration of our cheirus, our freedom, and traditionally we have always set it in royal fashion.

Some years, like this one, circumstances are more challenging than others and we can celebrate the freedom of keeping things beautiful, but simpler.

Here are a few suggestions for those who are able to implement them-striking ways to make your table fit for children of the King.

Royal Tradition Pesach Seder


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